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Riviera outdoor collection

Mambo is launching its first outdoor collection, Riviera, designed to celebrate the Outdoors. 

This collection is a testament to versatility, seamlessly blending sophistication and comfort to elevate the outdoor space.

Our newly unveiled collection is meticulously handcrafted in Portugal. Departing from conventional norms, we embrace a palette of unconventional materials, including different marble stones, an array of Merrazzo tones, robust metals and enduring ceramics to create a thoughtfully curated collection.

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Designed to celebrate the outdoors, each piece in our collection embodies the symbiosis of elegance and functionality. Whether indulging in stylish dining or serenely lounging, this ensemble is a homage to the art of outdoor living.

Riviera is our new outdoor collection, thought for each client. Where you can customize every piece, with our lacquered stainless steel colors, different types of stone and fabrics.

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