9 - Leathers

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9 - Leathers

Different types of leathers are included in our range, which differ by the animal origin, its’ anatomy, the various treatment processes used for tanning and finishing and the quality chosen. Care: dust should be removed frequently in order to allow natural breathing of leather. To do so, it is recommended to use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use bristles that may damage the surface. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight or direct heat sources should be avoided in order to preserve colour and natural humidity. It is essential to keep leather hydrated and to keep its’ elasticity it is recommended to apply regularly (every 6 months) special creams for furs and leathers, with special focus on areas subjected to heavier use, such as seats, arms and the top of the back rest. Although removing stains is very difficult, sometimes good results can be obtained by applying soapy water (neutral soap) with a soft cloth right away. It must be completely rinsed and immediately dried and even so it is probable that some traces will be visible. Do not ever use abrasive substances such as acetone, alcohol, detergents or any other type.  Use specific anti-greasy cleansing products at least twice a year, passing it on all the surface for a correct maintenance of the leather.

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