01 - Fabrics

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01 - Fabrics

We provide a wide variety of fabrics of different natures. Please ask us for the maintenance and cleaning sheet for the particular fabrics needed. 

Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance: To care for cover fabrics, hoover dust and lint regularly using an upholstery nozzle with very light motions and check other specific indications for each particular fabric with us.

Tailored items - Pillows and plaids 

Our leather pillows and plaids are tailored with three types of fibres along with leather, depending on the model: cotton, linen or nubuck. 

Cleaning and Maintenance: pillows must be shaped and aired frequently, by shaking them so that the inner material is uniformly distributed for better preservation. We recommend that pillow placement is changed frequently to balance the use among different pillows. Plaids must be aired frequently. Jounce and spread the plaid to allow natural fur to return to natural direction from time to time. 

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