mambo unlimited ideas is based in Lisbon, Portugal, a country with a long crafts tradition. The city of Lisbon growing dynamic reflects the emerging creativity and energy that is making Lisbon to be recognised as a new cultural and business cluster and here we gathered the energies of talented people to develop our company products.
Research– Our design team is all about research, from what colours to use to what package is more efficient, through what images and materials capture our attention. The different individuality and personal interests play an important part as each team member contributes with an unique perspective upon the world. From this mosaic of different ways of seeing the world, the Mambo creative process is enriched.Handmade– We like the appeal of unique pieces made with traditional techniques. Our collection is born from the traditional crafts that have been perfected by Portuguese craftsmen: the work of lacquered metals, solid woods, marbles and noble metals such as brass and copper and the work of glass, both with rich tradition in Portugal. All of our products are carefully made one by one, in a production balanced between state of the art processes and handmade details.
Tradition– Embracing our crafts heritage, while up to date with the innovations and creativity developments around the world, Mambo develops contemporary pieces with traditional Portuguese materials and techniques. This aspect is a constant in our creative process and produces high quality products: we mix what we do best – edgy creativity and experienced craftsman production.

Made for you

A relation of close collaboration with the universe of architects, interior and lighting designers allows the creation of endless custom solutions to each of their projects. Mambo unlimited ideas design team works closely with each client to design specific proposals to projects developed all over the world.
The numerous variations made possible by choosing different combinations of colors and materials to apply to each of the products result in a wide range of options. 

Mambo unlimited ideas contract leads projects since the design creation to the expedition of the final product to the project site, throughout the manufacturing process, offering technical support at each step.

Design Team

Our Design team is made up of an eclectic group of creative individuals, who work together
to produce the innovative, thought-provoking pieces that Mambo Factory is proud to sell.
We inspire each other through working collaboratively to design, experiment, develop and
produce unique products that are timelessly evolving through our range of colours and finishes.
Practicing what we believe in by working together using a unique collection of international
skills, insight and influences to bring unlimited ideas to fruition in spaces and interiores across the globe.



Our main objective while designing and producing our lighting pieces: assuring we offer creative and top quality products. That has been crucial to our increasingly growing recognition. 
Our production is based in Portugal and in its historical traditional techniques of production, where we have skilled craftsman that carefully bring to life every single piece that we create.
We carefully control each step of manufacturing, in a close relation between our design and production teams.  For each product we develop, the materials are carefully chosen and quality is closely controlled to assure the best finishing, resistance and durability. All electric components comply with the best european practices, being selected from a wide range throughout Europe.

We like to offer effective, practical and quality results, that is why our lamps are fitted to be easily installed. We believe that all the details contribute to set the quality of our products.